Hi all
Stomach in, chest out! With training well underway I can feel the deep burn :)

Everything is finally starting to fall into place and from here on we will be focusing mainly on the fundraising drive.
The SiyaShova team has decided to donate the first R50 000 raised to a candidate in desperate need of funds and short of time for their implantation.  Hopefully by doing this we can help someone even before we pedal of in March 2011.

Hear Us has chosen Jody Daniels, a loving 13 yr old girl in grade 6 at Mary Khin school for children with hearing impairment in Observatory. Jody has an unknown cause of progressive hearing loss in both ears, (left ear much worse) since birth, and up until less than a year ago bilateral hearing aids seemed to be effective, but not anymore on the left side.  She is already starting to loose language skills learnt while the hearing aids where effective. Jody has undergone all the pre-screening tests, which indicates that she is a suitable candidate for a cochlear implant in her left ear.

Jody, who lives with her mother in Rondebosch East and spends every second weekend with her father in Vanguard Villas, is very excited about the pending implant and hopes to attend a mainstream high school after the cochlear implantation.  Despite her parents' dedicated efforts to raise enough money for the operation, they are still short of funds!
Jody is in urgent need of the cochlear implant as the functional nerves in her left ear are diminishing and she does not want to fall behind, socially and academically, when compared to her peers.
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