Hi guys

Just a quick blog for today. We're launching our new look site today. We've made some aesthetical and functional changes which we are sure you will appreciate. One of the new additions is a google map which will enable you to follow us. Although not real time, the map will enable you to get a fairly accurate idea of where we are on our trip. Mobile telecomms has come a long way in Africa, so we will regularly send sms updates to a contact in SA who will update the map whenever we cant. 

The past Wednesday night Jiten, Imraan and I met with Nathim Cairncross and Imtiyaz Ahmad Haron - the two Capetonians who cycled up Africa to Mecca (http://cape2mecca.blogspot.com/) for Hajj. It was great chatting with them about their experiences - it makes me feel like leaving right away! I just cannot wait for the 21st March, the day we leave Cape Town.

From left to right: Imtiyaz, Jiten, Ria, Imraan and Nathim

Speaking of leaving, we still haven't settled on an exact point of departure. Any ideas? You can comment on this blog or on our facebook page.

That's it for now, its Friday and the weekend is almost upon us - more skydiving and then a week in Durban to spend some time with family in Verulam - I'll put the Durban trip down "carbo loading" in terms of training ;-)

Stay Safe