Goodday avid followers of the SiyaShova blog

The last few days we have been quite quiet on the blog front as most of our work is still organizational in nature. There are a few big things in the pipeline, but unfortunately we will only be able to post this once big news is finalized. In the meantime you get to read about my mishaps with my rear derailleur.

A few weeks ago in my blog, I posted a picture of my bent rear derailleur and it held up surprisingly well for the last few weeks. The shifting was a little heavy but I could get into most gears bar the lowest with relative ease. During a boring Sunday last week I decided to look up DIY derailleur servicing on YouTube and lo and behold it looked very simple. A screw in here, a screw out there, no big deal.

Thats what I thought, but a screw in here and a screw out there soon turned into a completely unridable bicycle which is now is the bike shop awaiting a new chain, possible replacement of the whole drive train, reconfiguration of the braking system and readjustments on the front and rear wheels.

The silver lining though is that now I have more time for Yoga. The stretches are great for the tense neck and back acquired during the daily rigors of veterinary science and off-road cycling. The ratio of guys:girls in no way effects the large grin that crosses my face after a good session.

P.S.: Those of you who know of my (extremely) flat feet might be interested to know that I have started a flat-footed training regime which offers the hope of pseudo-normal arches. I shall include this in a separate blog as I don’t want to overload you with too much excitement.

Peace out fellow adventure seekers