Hey all, Ria here. Its been a while since the last blog so here’s the latest...

In the workshop – At the moment our bike builds are fully underway. It shouldn’t be long before Imraan takes his out for its first test ride. Over the past few weeks we’ve placing various orders for bike parts and accessories. One of the fun aspects of this has got to be when they arrive – having a courier come by with a box full of “toys” makes one feel like a kid again – it’s exciting, I love it! We’ll keep you posted with pics and write-ups as the bikes come along.

On the ground – Training-wise things are going well. I continue with my cycle trips to work and back, as well as the regular hikes up lions head. Not enough for a 12500km cycle trip I know, but I will be stepping things up a notch or two. With the onset of summer (finally) in Cape Town, early sun rises in this part of the world just lend itself it to morning training rides.

In the sky, in the desert, on snow – Those of you who know me personally will know that skydiving is my favourite pastime, with me spending just about every weekend on a dropzone. Without a doubt it’s going to be hardest sacrifice for me next year, eight months of no skydiving is going to be hard. So, in preparation for this extended period of not jumping, I’m doing the most logical thing and jumping as much as possible before we leave. I recently went on my first overseas trip, a skydive holiday to Dubai. Definitely the best holiday I’ve had to date. As cool as it is jump over the palm islands, it’s also super cool looking down on a blue ocean when opening your parachute, and also very cool to fly over beaches, buildings, boats, and people. Dubai is one crazy beautiful city. A modern architect’s dream I imagine. The fact that I was able to go snowboarding in this desert city I think is enough proof that there is definitely no lack of imagination, engineering, air conditioning, and of course money in this Emirate. But hey, snowboarding for this African, was one moerse load of unnecessary fun! So what does this have to do with preparing for a cycle up Africa... mmm lets see: there’s the desert aspect which we will encounter in Sudan and Egypt, the cold snow and ice climate at the top of Kilimanjaro, a few words of Arabic learning to be used in Africa’s northern reaches... all in all a bloody good excuse for a great holiday with fantastic friends in an epic part of the part of the world.

In the office – back in the office and at home we’re continuing with our search for sponsors. Ideally getting a big sponsor on board would help boost image of SiyaShova, increase publicity, and increase donations from the public and corporates. If you have any contacts for us (small or big), please do let me know – I can be reached on my cell (0722889922) or email (ria dot moothilal at gmail dot com). So here's your chance to Help Us, Help Them, Hear Us... :-)

Till next time, have a happy day! Summer is here!!!!!!!