With only 3 more weeks before we leave, the full impact of what we doing has yet to sink in. I don't think we'll fully come to terms with it until we are 2 days out of Cape Town. 

What we do know, however, is that sometime in July we will be climbing up Kilimanjaro thanks to Fine Young Africans, our first sponsor. They have kindly agreed to help support our worthy cause by sponsoring the whole Kili hike. No mean feat as it will see all three of us ascend the 5 895m over 7 days. Although it can be done over 5 days, the extra 2 days allow for better acclimatization and higher chance of success. It is estimated that 1/3 of the people that attempt the mountain do not make it due to altitude sickness, but with the extra days the stats improve in our favour. 

Fine Young Africans are a dynamic, medical supply company based in Ruimsig, Gauteng and have just launched their own range of latex examination gloves called 'pro-gloves'. Personalized service and tailor-made packages make this company a worthwhile addition as a medical supplier. You can visit their site at www.fya.co.za

Prior to this we were totally self-funded, and this goes a long way into freeing up some funds for the rest of the trip. 

Thanks for the support and hopefully we can keep the momentum going. We will leave Cape Town on the 22nd March and would like your support when we do so. We are still finalising a departure point and will post this in one of our next blogs.