Helooo All

The clock is ticking; with only 155 days to departure the excitement is mounting, and so too is the organizational workload.

The mechanical machine
Taking its toll on me at the moment is the task of finalizing and sourcing the components for my bike.  Custom building a bicycle in South Africa is no joke, or maybe I just don’t know the right people.  Some components are available locally (at a premium) but most of them have to be ordered online from overseas bike stores. Then there is the problem of components being out of stock or on back order and others not available for shipping to South Africa!

Adding to the frustration and confusion is the multitude of different brands and sizes available, so I recently had a chat with one of my colleagues, Dangerous Dave – avid cyclist and rock climber, for some advice.  I’ve finally settled on mainly Shimano XT parts, which is not top end but will suffice. I have the tendency to keep pushing for a newer model and that can burn a hole in your back pocket and bite you in the ass when the credit card statement arrives!

On the brighter side my custom built steel frame is getting her final spray this week, and she looks stunning – pics to follow soon.  Francois has really done a fantastic job.  We are thinking of names for our 3 bikes and suggestions will be appreciated.

The human machine
In my spare time (while I’m not haggling with local bike stores) I’m working like a dog to save up some moola for 2011 without an income; eating like a pig hoping to bulk up some reserves and training like a horse. At the moment I’m cycling 30km and running 10km six times a week.  Just over two weeks ago I ran the Hermanus Whale Festival half marathon –  stunning scenic route along the coast!

All said and done, we are planning for an epic adventure and only so much can be done in advance….the rest lies on the open road.

I must get back to work – got some hospital rounds to do.

Keep it real all

(Imraan Sayed)