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Addis to Sudan:

Posted by Jiten Magan on Saturday, November 19, 2011, In : On the road 

With the help of the Sudanese Ambassador in South Africa we got a 2 month tourist visa in Addis, whereas normally only a 2 week visa is available. There was some palaver and stress but everything worked out in the end. After 10 days in Addis I'm still unsure if I like the city or not and was glad to finally be on the move again as we headed out to Bahir Dar, source of the Blue Nile.

On the 3rd day out of Addis we hit the Blue Nile gorge, a shear 1300m drop from the plateau and another 1100m ri...

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Malawi Border to Dar Es Salaam

Posted by Imraan Sayed on Tuesday, August 9, 2011, In : On the road 

Ham Jambo  - Greetings from Tanzania

Its been just over 4 months since we set off on our epic journey, and we loving every moment.  We haven’t encountered a single negative experience and have no regrets; with each day bringing new challenges and rewards we just growing in strength and character.

To date we have cycled 6285km and our ascending altitude is 48112m.

Hello Tanzania ( country number 6) known as the birthplace of humankind Tanzania has an area of 943000 square km and a populat...

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