Dear Viewers
On the 15th February 2011, exhausted after a busy night on duty, I finally managed to work my way out of theatre, only to bear the wrath of the morning traffic on route to the airport.Excited yet somewhat nervous, we boarded our Kulula flight destined for Lanseria;  Ria being the last to board, as he was carbo loading in the VIP lounge! (I don't blame him, the food was free).
At Lanseria Airport we were met with open arms by Mrs Riley - the mother of our great friend and die hard SiyaShova fan, Donna Riley - she is the mastermind and talented singer of our Siyashova theme song.
After collecting the first of many hard copies of the song from Mrs Riley we were swiftly taken by our friendly chauffeur to Urban Brew studios board room, to relax for the next 3 hours before make-up at 3pm. Not having eaten for the past 24hrs and concerned that there was no shop around to buy food, I started nibbling on my cuticles and swallowing saliva to quench my thirst.

Before long a friendly face appeared to welcome us.....and she brought sarmies :)  I was suddenly in love with this place!  After not expecting any food and so grateful for the sandwiches , this god sent angel returned multiple times with drinks, carrots, humus, celery, pretzels, mango / pineapple slices and grapes :) Stuffing our faces in bliss we had totally forgotten about the butterflies to come!
13:15 - Jiten was passed out on the board room floor, grunting in peace like a sated lion after a feeding frenzy! (so true maagies vol oogies toe)
15:00 - Totally out of our comfort zone we stepped in for make up.  To Jitens disappointment it was just face powder to prevent your face from glowing under the spotlight on air. I was particularly taken back by my eyebrows being combed, haha
Looking slick and ready for live camera action we where taken into the studio, and suddenly my armpits started to drip like a percolator and I felt like I swallowed a boulder! Little droplets of sweat started appearing on my forearms, I felt dizzy / faint and from there on I had total memory loss!

I hope and pray this TV exposure boosts Sponsorships and Donations.
Team Siyashova has another 3 TV interviews lined up so far - will keep you posted on details.
PS - Autographs are free :)
Cut Cut!!!