Molweni from the friendly / windy city on P.E

Cycling has been smooth rolling so far with physical and mental spirit still high! Besides the occasional headwind, even if very light becomes a constant uphill battle

After a much needed break at the Warmwaterberg natural springs we pedalled on to Oudtshoorn with an overnight stop at Barn 62 backpackers on route where we camped under the stars.  A brief stop in Calitzdorp where we refuelled with Omelettes and free extra toppings from the friendly tannie at the Red Coffee Pot.

In Oudtshoorn we camped at Paradise Backpackers with amazing hospitality and free accommodation from Marius the owner.  We decided to camp under the stars again but at 3am it started pissing with rain; JT and I moved into the veranda but Ria decided to pitch his tent and go tantric.

Dangerous road from Oudtshoorn to George with no shoulder and only 30cm between the bike and trucks hauling past! But it was all worth it for the stunning view from the top of the Outeniqua pass (the highlight of my trip so far) and freewheeling for 12km into George.  Once again amazing hospitality from one of Ria’s friends Winston who gave us a place to stay and awesome home cooked curry 

Off to Wilderness (Wild Farm) with stunning panoramic views and an extra day to relax, wash, and watch the world cup final.
Mammoth pedal on to Plet 98.5km in a record breaking 5hr 15min for a night of luxury with Paul  - who we had just met a week ago at the Karoo Saloon. Hot shower, dinner, bed and a hearty breakfast- Bliss.  The friendliness and hospitality of people on route so far has been heart-warming!

Helooo E. Cape!!
By this stage we are expert cooks! The staple diet being rice, potatoes and carrots boiled together and tuna added at the end.  The occasional tin fish bunny adds some variety
Dijembe at storms river rocks – Thanks guys.

Stones from the road sticking to Jt’s tyres and he had to deal with his second puncture – that’s what you get for cheap reject tyres – Go Schwalbe and Continental.

Bush camping deluxe for the next 2 nights; first one at a milking parlour in Clarkson with an overnight milking session keeping us awake and the next at an abandoned house just off the N2 at Thornhill.  Tension rose as we were about to prepare dinner and Ria could not fine the tin fish we bought earlier, so we started to tuck into our brown bread and raw carrots! Fortunately after a 2nd attempt at scratching in his panniers he found it to our relief.
Another unexpected cloudburst overnight left us soaked with rain pouring in via the window frame and non-existent door!  Wet, cold and clammy we sailed into P.E bringing the rain with us.

Daily routine: eat, cycle, eat, cycle, eat, cycle, eat, and sleep

So far so good – trip is going very well.  Blue Skies!!